Feature Film released 2023 (currently available on streaming services)


"By not trying too hard to be heartstring-pulling it’s a film that leaves a lump in the throat." Cath Clarke, Guardian

"Connor O’Hara’s film is likeable in its simple poignancy and its feel for the mood of rural English summers." - Edward Porter, Sunday Times

"The film also pays homage to a perhaps dying vision of rural England; green rolling hills, rustling woodlands, rippling streams and water lilies sleeping peacefully on a small pond. Captured beautifully by David Wright’s cinematography, it all seems much too idyllic, but O’Hara is reminding us that we only borrow the places that we treasure; we cannot own them forever. Likewise our friends." 

"There is so much love poured into this film. Taking a brutal topic and turning it into a blossoming work of art is beyond challenging, yet O’Hara makes it look easy. He and his team deserve all the praise for creating a film that resonates with a viewer for days." - Christos Makropulos, Blaze